the Mural project

Our latest initiative is The Mural project. The Mural Project will serve as neighborhood beautification. A group of artist will collaborate to create a large work of art to represent diverse segments of our community. Right now our neighborhood has one mural which is a large Coca-cola painting which is very beautiful but our neighborhood needs public art that represents the PEOPLE. Across the world, artists have used buildings, homes and public spaces as their canvases to create masterpieces. These works of art have proved to transform neighborhoods in major ways including socially and economically. Public art such as murals has the power to boost the morale of people and encourage citizens to want to support local businesses. These are only a few reasons why public art is important. Learn more about how public art can revitalize an entire community by   visiting www.phillypainting.org
The mural will be located on 4th and Poplar Street onside of The House of Art building located at 108 E. 4th Street in North Little Rock Argenta District.

poetry SAVES LIVEs

    Poetry Saves Lives is a program designed to engage youth in the art of spoken word. In this program they learn how to creatively express themselves by sculpting their words and feelings in to creative performance pieces. Students will have the opportunity  to work with and learn from award winning poets. Some of the youth that participate in this program have never shared their poetry with others or may have never written a poem yet they are interested in discovering new positive and artistic ways of expressing themselves. Poetry Saves Lives offers workshops to enhance writing skills, critical thinking, recitation, oral interpretation and literacy. Students participating in this program may be presented with the opportunity to perform their piece at one of the Roots Art Connection's events.

Our Poetry Saves Lives program is available to schools and after school programs.

Contact us if your are interested in working with the roots art connection Program

House of Art Residency 

Now Offering short-term affordable living for artists in Central Arkansas starting July 2018. Fill out form NOW to be considered for lodging. Thanks.